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Beware of bugs in the above code;I have only proved it correct, not tried it”.
(Donald Knuth)

Continuous improvement of HeadCount Systems’ powerful software has been a major contributor to its success. At the sharp end counting level, CountIT Software:

  • provides a full audit trail of events
  • interrogates and manages the HeadCount devices
  • retrieves the counting data
  • checks the overall system health.

The CountIT graphical interface provides a user-friendly view of all the connected HeadCount devices. The live view of the counting network is useful as it provides real time monitoring in large sites i.e. 25 counting points or more.

At the next level HeadCount’s ReportIT Software provides local reporting options on counting data suited to specific client needs. ReportIT is usually installed on the main HeadCount computer in the venue together with CountIT. But ReportIT may also run on a remote computer, provided that it is connected via a local or wide area network to the CountIT database, allowing multiple user access to the counting data. ReportIT has been designed to allow capture of sales data, marketing spend and special event information adding more value to the counting data. This enables users to run reports that have direct relationship with the traffic data such as conversion ratios and spend per head.

One level up WebIT Software provides remote access to the counting data. WebIT is the web based server software created by HeadCount Systems to warehouse data centrally from single and multiple HeadCount sites. WebIT provides sophisticated analysis, interpretation and presentation of HeadCount site data. It allows authorized users to access and retrieve remote reports relating to their HeadCount sites using the standard Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 web browser. WebIT is protected by a managed username, password and digital security certificate between the client web server and server.

EmailIT is the latest data delivery mechanism from HeadCount Systems. Sophisticated views of the counting data are presented in a user friendly document and emailed to authorized HeadCount clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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