PEOPLE COUNTERS - Absolute Measure of Footcount

Accurate people counting requires superior, mechanically stable hardware. Nortech HeadCount counters detect people’s movements irregardless of variable factors such as height and size differences, light and shadow effects, differing speeds and direction of movement. Our counters operate effectively, even in areas with high levels of activity comprised of complex movements.

Currently, Nortech HeadCount is the only counting system to have the accuracy verified by recognised independent auditors, both locally (South Africa) and internationally - scoring less than 0.8% error. A notable <4% error can be expected on up to 4800 movements per hour, over a 1m span, per device; while 2400 movements per hour over a 10m span per device operates the same. Overall, this equates to an impressive <1% error on daily totals.

TALUS - Realtime Data >99% Accuracy!

Nortech HeadCount’s Talus is the ultimate people counter. Our patented neural-network-pattern recognition counts only people, so other objects such as prams or shopping carts are ignored. No matter the conditions.

The Talus counter sports the most advanced processor, flash memory, sensor electronics and built-in diagnostics to ensure high-quality data. It consistently and reliably offers real-time data at a high standard of <1% inaccuracy. The 10m wide Count Zone per device yields an elegant solution with no overlapping, should the zone be split. Each counting point is quick to set up.

Talus counters are aesthetically pleasing with a slim form, smooth lines and rounded edges. This floor mount counter is tough,reliable and sturdy: so even direct knocks to the shroud from trolleys or cleaning machinery will not affect its performance.


  • 96% accuracy on 2,400 movements per hour (shop net counter), 3,600 movements per hour (hybrid counter) and 4,800 movements per hour (train net counter).
  • Overall accuracy of up to 99% on daily totals.
  • Bi-directional counts.
  • Counts in light or dark ambient conditions.
  • Single counter covers an entrance width of up to 10 metres (30 feet).

Download the Technical Specifications

Oculus - Highly Accurate and Cost Effective!

Nortech HeadCount’s Oculus is an accurate, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing overhead people counter. This unobtrusive monocular-camera-based system captures video from an overhead vantage point and makes use of our patented pattern recognition algorithm to count people - even though they are moving in two directions. Each counter can cover a width of up to 4 metres. However, if installed using our high-mount option, it can be simply and seamlessly integrated into a network to cover wider and even higher areas.

The Oculus counter is ideal for narrow passages or store entrances with moderate visitor traffic flows, where maximum performance is required. It is aesthetically pleasing and its elegant design complements modern commercial and retail spaces. Our Oculus counters are impervious to environmental conditions such as lighting, level variation and floor surfaces.

Oculus has built-in diagnostics and a battery backup to ensure that no data is lost - giving you comprehensive, high-quality data at a low price. The on-board processor seamlessly connects the Oculus to the HeadCount network via an uplink port or to the Internet via a wired or wireless Ethernet uplink. The downlink port facilitates downstream connectivity on the HeadCount network.


  • Greater than 95% accuracy on a sample of 200 people or greater.
  • Bi-directional visitor counting.
  • High accuracy, low cost counter.
  • Non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing device.
  • No PC required for standalone solution.

Download the Technical Specifications