IdentiPark Plus

The IdentiPark PLUS software manages the parking guidance system ensuring the information from every device on the network is received, controlled, stored and disseminated correctly. The information is available in real time, collated as a user friendly graphical representation of the site. It is logged directly to a central database, allowing for generation of quick and detailed reports.

IdentiPark PLUS allows for easy configuration of the IdentiPark devices via a graphical user interface. Remote diagnostics are accessible if the system is connected to the Internet.

The IdentiPark PLUS option includes the parking guidance mechanism and controls, system management tools and a suite of reports.

Download the Technical Specifications

IdentiPark Web Plus

IdentiPark Web PLUS is a web-based server reporting software which enables central warehousing of data from IdentiPark parking guidance installations off site. IdentiPark Web PLUS software provides sophisticated analysis, interpretation and presentation of IdentiPark data. Authorised users have remote access to the data and reports via standard web browsers.

Download the Technical Specifications